Lead Citrate - Uranyless

Lead Citrate 3% Reynolds (1963) Ready to use

for Manual  and  AutoStainer TEM Grids .

this solution can be used in manual or automatic staining as the Auto Stainer made by the manufacturers  RMC, Leica , …

Lead Citrate enhance the Uranyless contrast.


 For Manual staining ,  drop to drop by airless bottle

Delta Microscopies propose the Lead Citrate ready to use, conditioned in a 30 mL Airless bottle de 30ml.

It is a bottle which, after filling and closing with the exclusion of air (CO2), is able to deliver the product without air inlet, due to a push pomp system.

Ref. # 11300   Lead citrate ready to used ,

in Airless bottle 30 ml     prix 35€

goutte airless

So this bottle is a reliable solution which solve preservation problems of this product. It prevents CO2 dissolution, which avoid the alteration of its contents. Besides, it is very convenient to use because it performs in any position, even upside down.

Lead citrate 3% ready to used

UranyLess has a strong contrasting power. However, we recommend a  Lead citrate ounterstain to enhance the contrast. You can follow the protocol of the UranyLess / Lead Citrate double contrast

storage in Room Temperature

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For TEM Stainer RMC  QG3100

Syringe 30 ml  airless  39€

Lead citrate Reynold formulation  ready to used

adapted to RMC    TEM stainer QG3100

              Lead citrate 3% ,  Reynold formulation ,  ready to used

PACKING in 30 ml Syringe with lock cap airless adapted RMC device  stainer

                                  Ref # 11300-QG 

     11300-QG RMC STAINER

the stainig time of the grid does not exceed 2 minutes max.

price Lead citrate in syringe 39€


See the link video just below in the title

 protocole two steps staining – Uranyless / Lead Citrate