A new contrast solution for transmission electron microscopy

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L‘uranyLess is a new contrast solution for transmission electron microscopy, for your ultra-fine sections ornegative staining. It is a substitute of Uranyl Acetate, which is banned from sale due to its toxicity and waste elimination problems. uranyless flacon 30 ml

Biological material thinly dense to electrons, is processing since more than sixty years with additive contrasts such as uranyl acetate. Microscopists consider it essential in preparation of biological samples for ultrastructural analysis.

However, radioactive materials recent regulation severely restrict its utilization even for scientific purposes. Since then, few teams went back to protocols with minimally toxic and non-radioactive substitute products such as: Oolong tea extract, platinium blue, or recently the Gadolinium.

Delta-Microscopies and Chromalys, two companies from Toulouse supported by « Midi-Pyrénées Innovation », devised a commercial solution named « UranyLess », a mix of many lanthanides, contrasting. This product is an alternative to the Uranyl Acetate in the classic staining protocol of Reynolds (1963). It has been tested on many biological tissue (animal and vegetal) in collaboration with the electron microscopy center in Toulouse Medical School (CMEAB). This versatile product can be used as a contrast solution both on ultra-fine sections and negative staining.SONY DSC

Uranyless is a non-radioactive product. It provides great contrasts thanks to its affinity for biological material which makes it very efficient. Indeed, after only one minute of contact, it contrasts your particles sections or your spreads (deposits) in negative staining.

To enhance the contrast, we recommend to use lead citrate, according to Reynolds, after a first contrast with Uranyless.

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On this website, you will find all the experiments we realized with Uranyless on different tissues. We will also add results obtained by few users from electron microscopy labs.

In the different sections, you will also find: using protocols, safety data sheets and the commercial offer.

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