Ovarian - Ovarian Follicle - Uranyless

Mouse ovarian follicle

We have tested UranyLess on different accessories cells constituting the mouse ovarian follicle.

Sample preparation according to the following protocol:

  • Classic PFA- Glutaraldehyde, Osmium, Epon fixing.
  • Ultrafine section – UranyLess contrast – Lead Citrate.

Photos taken with a Hitachi HT7700 Transmission Electron Microscope by Nacer BENMERADI (R&D – Delta Microscopies – France).

theque interne

Internal theca of mouse ovarian follicle.

theque interne 2

Mitochondria fingers typical glove steroid synthesis in cells (Internal theca of mouse ovarian follicle).

Follicular cell of the mouse ovarian follicle Corona Radiata.

theque externe1External theca cell of a mouse ovarian follicle.