Neuromuscular - Uranyless

Muscle – Mouse nerve

Sample preparation according to the following protocol:

  • Classic PFA- Glutaraldehyde, Osmium, Epon fixing.
  • Ultrafine section – 1 minute UranyLess contrast – 1 minute Lead Citrate.

Photos taken with a Hitachi HT7700 Transmission Electron Microscope by Nacer BENMERADI (R&D – Delta Microscopies – France).

Neuromuscular synapse – synaptic vesicles – pre- and postsynaptic membranes – muscle fiber.

Longitudinal section mouse skeletal muscle – nerve section (dense area myelin sheath).

Detailed view of myocytes.

Cross section of muscle fibers – Mitochondria.

Peripheral nucleus of a muscle fiber.



Neuron – Axon – neurofibrillary – myelin sheath.

Striated muscle fibers – the core.

Filaments of actin – myosin cross-section – mitochondria.