Frequently Asked Questions - Uranyless


What Uranyless is made from?

Uranyless is a solution ready for use, a mix of lanthanides (rare-earths).


In what form is it commercialized?

Currently, Uranyless is commercialized exclusively in aqueous solution (water).


What is its lifetime?

Its lifetime is unlimited.

With a 30ml bottle, you will have approximately a year of use.


What are the storage conditions for Uranyless?

For this product, cool storage is not recommended, it is better to store it in room temperature. It resist air and light.


How can it be used?

Uranyless is sell ready for use, there is no need dilute it.


What is its pH?

Uranyless pH is 6.8, different to Uranyle acetate pH of 4.


How to contrast with Uranyless?

Simply drop Uranyless on your grid, and wait a minute. Dry, then contrast with lead citrate according to Reynolds method. You can access to the protocol in the « Documents Techniques » section or by clicking on the following link: : The Classic Contrast.


Is it the same protocol for every kind of tissue (animal, vegetal, marine…)?

Yes, we use double contrast Uranyless – Lead citrate.


Does it adjust to every kind of resin?

Yes, it operate with every kind of resin (Epon, Araldite, Spurr…).


Can it be used on negative staining?

Yes, you can access the protocol on The Negative Staining page.


Can it be used for bloc contrast, during an inclusion?

Some tests are in progress.


Is it adapted to a cryo use?

No, because it is prepared in water. However, we are currently developing many declinations of Uranyless, such as ethyl Uranyless and acetone Uranyless (the last one is actually best-adapted to cryogenic method use).


Is it efficient on marine material?

Yes, Uranyless provides great contrasts.


How to dispose wastes?

Uranyless wastes must be put in heavy materials (rare-earths). Please consult the Safety Data Sheet for any further information.


How is packaged Uranyless?

We sell Uranyless in an Airless 30ml bottle, and also in a brown 200ml bottle.


How Airless bottle operates?

Its use is very simple, simply push on the head of the bottle to get a drop. When you release, the bottle back pump actuator lift up. It prevent any air inlet in the bottle.


What are Airless bottle advantages?

First of all, it is a bottle in which air never comes in. Some products, such as lead citrate, are atmospheric CO2 sensitives. Thanks to this system, those products have a longer shelf life. Besides, it allows the product deposit drop by drop, quickly, cleanly and in any position. For any further information, please consult our Commercial Offer.















Can it be used on Leica’s automatons?

SONY DSCYes, the 200ml bottle is adapted to those automatons.

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